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Monat Global

Vegan, Botanically Based Hair and Skin Care Products that are safe for your endocrine system AND deliver amazing results for your hair and skin:

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    Thrive Market

    Your one-stop-shop for healthy foods, personal care products, vitamins and more for the whole family, furry friends included!



    Juice Plus

    Flood your body with juice powder concentrates and oils from more than 40 different fruits, vegetables and grains and fill in the gaps from what you eat and what your body needs to thrive.






    Top quality essential oils, skin care, household and nutritional products. 



    Pique Tea

    Improve your gut health, increase energy and reduce stress with the world’s healthiest tea crystals.

    Microbiome Labs

    Microbiome Labs are incredibly high quality products intended for total gut restoration ranging from spore based probiotics repopulate the gut to prebiotics to help feed the good bacteria to products to help recondition and rebuild the microbiome itself.  Read more HERE. To order use my practitioner code:  KEEPINGITREAL and receive 10% off your order



    JumpSport 220

    Increase not only your physical fitness but enhance your lymphatic drainage supporting your thyroid and immune health with this convenient in-home rebounder.

    CBD BioCare

    CBD BioCare provides exceptionally high quality CBD oil and products that are full spectrum, whole-plant extracted, organically grown in the U.S. and 3rd party tested.

    Your LabWork

    Order your own lab work online at a deeply discounted rate!  Your LabWork helps you become your own health detective and stay on top of your health and prevent DIS-ease



    Berkey Water Filtration

    Clean drinking water is foundational to good health.  Berkey water filtration system is a top of the line counter water filtration system that ensures top of the line water contamination filtration



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