Are you looking to gain more energy, reduce inflammation, stay ahead of disease and upgrade your overall health?  

Let me guess.

You want to live a healthier lifestyle, feel your very best but you have no clue where to start.  You are busy doing all the things juggling, well, life. You want to raise your family in a healthier home but what does that even look like?  And energy…where the heck can you get more of that when you need it?! 

Whether your family’s tired of takeout, you are sick of feeling sluggish, bloated, moody and/or brain foggy, or just want to give your overall health a complete reboot, this program is for you.


The “Gut” Healthy Group Coaching Program

This 10-week  program will equip you with the tools you need to improve gut health  and start living a healthier life!  



✔   Post-meal and/or afternoon fatigue

✔   Bloating, belching, GERD

✔   Constipation and/or loose stools

✔   Achy joints and/or muscles

✔   Brain fog

✔   Irritability and/or mood swings

✔   Insomnia

✔   Stubborn weight gain

✔   Confusion as to what is and is not actually healthy


✘   You are an excuse maker and unwilling to implement new concepts and habits

✘   You do not really want to show up and do the work. Dinner will not just magically appear on the table and your body will not just move itself. I have no magic wands to give you!

✘   Health is not a top priority in your life. We make time, resources and space for what we prioritize.

    So you think you may want to come along for a journey with me and some other committed people and “GUT HEALTHY?”


    Let me start off by introducing myself…   I’m Jen – a Functional Medicine Health Coach.

    Years ago I was in your shoes. I had no clue what healthy living even really looked like.  I hopped from fad diet to fad diet and put all my eggs into one basket – exercising. I should say OVER exercising.  My gut was a mess and I thought being bloated, gassy and constipated was just my normal. Years of antibiotics, birth control pills and NSAIDs and oh, stress, wreaked havoc on my gut.  Acne, thyroid disease, hormone imbalances and depression all popped up one after the other and the only thing I knew to do was go to my doctor for a prescription.

    Thank God I found people who taught me what true health looks like and I was able to start on my path to healing which led me to what I do today as a Functional Medicine Health Coach.  I am passionate about helping others take their own health into their hands, starting with even the most seemingly basic of choices we make on a daily basis.

    For the past 5 years I have coached clients one-on-one to help them get underneath their DIS-ease and find optimal health. One common theme I have witnessed over and over again is a lack of knowledge surrounding the essential pillars of good health, all of which have a direct impact on our microbiome itself, which in turn affects over 90% of our immune system.  Disease truly does begin IN the gut and we have to prioritize our gut health if we want to live a vibrant, healthful life.


    I developed this group coaching program with you in mind. I packed it full of pearls that will help you make shifts in all areas of your life to begin to take steps towards optimal health and help you “GUT HEALTHY”!  

    This 10 week group coaching program will equip you with the tools to improve gut health with targeted supplemental support, dietary tweaks and adjustments and lifestyle changes that will address all areas of health.  

    Optimal health extends far beyond targeting just our actual microbiome.  All areas of health will have an impact on what occurs in our microbiome itself.  You cannot supplement away massive stress or poor eating hygiene. It requires optimizing ALL areas of health.


    MODULE 1


    Did you know that the majority of inflammation begins in the gut?    ⅔ of our entire immune system is in our mucosal lining. If it is damaged, we are less well-protected. In the stomach this may look like ulcers or gastritis.  The GI tract as a whole is an ‘exchange’ area where nutrients come in, toxins and foreign invaders are kept out and wastes are deposited for excretion. You can see why optimizing gut health is imperative to overall optimal health!  In this module I will cover the foundations of optimizing gut health, suggest some ways for you to begin to strengthen yours with suggested supplements and lifestyle changes and help you set doable goals for yourself for our time together.  

    MODULE 2


    One of the most foundational things we can do to shift our health is eat whole, clean foods.  Processed, sugar and chemical laden foods inflame the body, disrupt the microbiome and put us at a higher risk for disease.  It can be so confusing to know what a healthy diet actually looks like. Is it Keto? Plant Based? Vegan? Paleo? I keep will keep it very simple for you as I guide you towards a very anti-inflammatory way of eating that will nourish your body.  You can tweak down the road but we all have to start with the basics and cut the crap! I am not into starvation either so no worries, you will not ever starve on my watch.  

    MODULE 3


    Sleep affects our growth and stress hormones, our immune system, microbiome, appetite, breathing, blood pressure and cardiovascular health.  Research shows that lack of sleep increases the risk for obesity, heart disease and infections. Your body releases hormones during sleep that can help repair cells and control the body’s use of energy. I will teach you how to clean up your sleep hygiene and implement some sleep hacks to upgrade the quality of your sleep.  ou suffer from insomnia or trouble falling asleep 

    MODULE 4


    In today’s society we live in a state of stress the majority of the time. We rarely turn “off” thanks to technology and are busier than ever which keeps is in a “fight or flight” state.  Stress decreases digestive function, increases inflammation and puts a major strain on our adrenals. I will not only bring awareness around why stress perception and management is critical but teach you some simple ways you can begin to shift your stress that will immediately benefit your body, mind and spirit!  

    MODULE 5


    Intentionally moving our bodies is critical to support digestion, circulation, brain function, cholesterol, metabolism and more yet we are more stationary than ever before.  When it comes to exercising it can be so confusing to know what kind of intentional movement is before for you. Yoga or spin? Weights or cardio? We will cover the fundamentals of safe movement and demystify how to choose, commit to and implement a regimen that will best suite you!

    MODULE 6


    Truth is we live in a toxic soup of a world.  GMO’s, glyphosate, endocrine disruptors and carcinogens lurk in our foods, personal care products, air and even home environment.  I will teach you the top toxins to avoid and how you can implement simple swaps and upgrades that will in turn upgrade you and your family’s health!  

    MODULE 7


    I bet you do not give much thought to these as being critical to your health, but trust me when I tell you that they are foundational!  We will explore why they are so foundational as well as ways to prioritize scheduling them into your regular life.  

    MODULE 8


     I want to make sure you not only learn during our time together but create lasting change that will transform your life and allow you to become the driver of your body for the rest of your life.  This module will cover sustaining your new learning and habits and support your gut health for years to come so you leave our time together feeling empowered and inspired to keep on keeping on!  

    After addressing these pillars of optimal health along with targeting the microbiome with supportive foods, supplements and lifestyle changes you can expect to: 


    ✔   Boost the good endemic bacteria in your microbiome and in turn improve your innate immune system 

    ✔   Reduce inflammation in the gut and in turn throughout your body which may include reducing joint inflammation, headaches, skin issues, mood imbalances, fatigue and digestive distress 

    ✔   Bring better balance to the overall microbial terrain allowing your body to better fight off colds, flus and other viruses that may come your way 

    ✔   Improve overall digestive function and elimination 

    ✔   Support good hormone production and balance hence improving mood, energy, monthly cycles (if applicable) and sleep 

    ✔   Feel empowered with the tools to optimize your overall health, reduce stress and toxins, improve digestion and increase energy and overall mood 

    ✔   Have a solid understanding of the foundations of optimal health as well as be empowered with tools to live it out simply and sustainably 

    This 10-week group coaching program includes:

    ✔   A private Facebook group where you not only will receive daily support from me, but accountability and support from others diving into their own health alongside you

    ✔   Weekly Live Q&A’s in the private Facebook group 

    ✔   8 modules covering the above pillars of health

    ✔   8 Live one hour webinars covering each module

    ✔   Educational hand-outs

    ✔   Recommended supportive foods, lifestyle changes and targeted supplement suggestions. 


    Modules will take place over 10 weeks beginning October 13 and ending the week of December 17. All calls will be recorded.


    This program is valued at $2500 
    but can be yours for my beta pricing of $997. 
    Payment plans available.


    Pay in full by October 4 and get a
    BONUS 60-minute 1:1 consult scheduled any time
    between October 1 and  December 23 – worth $275

    Register by October 4 and receive these bonuses:

    BONUS #1

    When Paid in Full by October 4, you’ll receive…

    ✔   60-minute 1:1 Consult

    ✔   Paleo Reset Guide

    ✔   Health Care Goodies Care Package

    ✔   OPTIONAL ADD-ON:   GI Map with customized follow up protocol at a discounted price (normally $650, but you’ll get it for just $500)


    BONUS #2

    When Registered by October 4, you’ll receive… 

    ✔   Paleo Reset Guide

    ✔   Health Care Goodies Care Package

    ✔   OPTIONAL ADD-ON: GI Map with customized follow up protocol at a discounted price (normally $650, but you’ll get it for just $500)


    This program is valued at $2500 
    but can be yours for my beta pricing of $997. 
    Payment plans available.


    Pay in full by October 4 and get a
    BONUS 60-minute 1:1 consult scheduled any time
    between October 1 and  December 23 – worth $275

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