Do you find yourself feeling a little more brain-foggy than usual?

Are you lacking in energy to get through your days?

Do you have more aches and pains than you used to?

Are you carrying excess weight that feels just plain puffy?

Ladies, are your periods a little heavier?  PMS have you snapping at all those around you?

Your liver may be in need of a good cleanse.

The truth is, we are constantly exposed to toxins in the world we live in. Our liver has a big job in clearing those toxins, as well as excess glucose and estrogen. This detoxification process primarily occurs in phase 1 and phase 2 of the liver and then toxins are excreted through phase 3, which is our pee, poop and sweat. Taking the time to do a seasonal, targeted liver detox where you step away from foods that place an extra burden on the body and liver and optimizing the needed nutrients to help upregulate and support detoxification. We are giving our body a chance to clear out excess toxins, much like an oil change for the car!

What to expect during the cleanse…

In this 10-day liver cleanse, you will give your entire body the chance to rest from digesting foods that are more inflammatory such as gluten, dairy, processed foods, alcohol and sugars as well as animal proteins, which are harder on the digestive system, in order to send all the energy to your liver.  You will be guided to consume very intentional foods that will help support your liver’s ability to detoxify such as cruciferous veggies, leafy greens, alliums, pectin and antioxidant rich foods. I will guide you as to what to eat each day of the cleanse and provide you with recipe inspiration and meal ideas.

 Along with a targeted diet, you will be consuming supplements that are designed to help support phase 1 and 2 of liver detoxification along with a medical grade protein shake that you will be consuming very strategically throughout the 10 days.  NOTE:  All supplements will be provided for you and shipped to your home prior to the start of the cleanse and are included in the cost of this program.  

I will also be suggesting some lifestyle shifts and tools you may opt to incorporate into the liver cleanse such as castor oil packs, dry brushing, epsom salt baths and saunas. You may even find your groove with many of them and keep them up moving forward to promote daily detoxification!

This is not a cleanse where you will be left hungry and starving but rather one that will nourish your body with plenty of nutrient-, sulphur-, and antioxidant-rich foods and healthy fats and help also bring awareness to your relationship with food and why you chose to eat it.  Trust me, having done this cleanse myself many times, I always learn something new about why I put certain things in my mouth (and it is not always for sheer nutrition!).  

“I decided to do the liver cleanse because although I already consume a healthy diet, I could feel the need for a little extra detoxification.  I committed to it full on and made sure to get those around me on board so they understood that I was taking it seriously and would not be misguided by temptation.  The first few days I found to be really manageable and I did not feel hungry or deprived at all.  A few days in I felt a bit foggy and sluggish almost as though my body was finally starting to clear some of the toxins it needed to release, just as Jen explained it would.  I managed to power through the deeper days of the cleanse reminding myself that my body really needed this.  Having others doing it with me made it fun and we could cheer each other on!  On the flipside of this cleanse I came out feeling lighter, had more clarity and definitely more energy.   But knowing what I did for my liver and digestion was my biggest sense of accomplishment and I will definitely be doing this cleanse again!”   ~Gina R.

How will you feel?

Most people feel amazing throughout and certainly after the cleanse! Some do experience some caffeine and/or sugar withdrawal headaches or sluggishness during the first few days but I teach you how to prepare for that beforehand as well as what to do to ease those symptoms once you start. Some really enjoy the simplicity of having 10-days “off” from more complex meals and heavier foods and create more space for themselves to rest, read, soak in an epsom salt bath or connect with loved ones. Others find they have a newfound love of some cruciferous veggies they may never have tried like rutabaga or radishes!

Because you will be removing inflammatory foods and supporting the liver in clearing toxins, weight loss is very common during the cleanse, ranging anywhere from a 2-10 pounds. While this cleanse is not meant to be focused on weight-loss, excess weight is typically inflammatory in nature so removing the root causes of that inflammation very commonly does result in the body releasing extra pounds.

Days 5-7 of this cleanse are the deepest and most intense in  supporting the liver to clear toxins, so some feel a bit more lethargic or achy. I specifically time this cleanse to have days 5-7 fall Friday to Sunday to allow more space for self-care and rest.

What does this program include?

  • Detailed guidance on what to eat and when to take the targeted supplements throughout each day of the cleanse

  • All liver supportive supplements and shakes from a medical grade supplement company intended to support phase 1-2-3 of liver detoxification

  • A private Facebook group with daily support and inspiration  throughout the cleanse. We will have a pre-cleanse kick-off call on 2/13 so you have time to prep and know what to expect, as well as a mid-cleanse Live Q&A and a wrap-up call at the end of the cleanse

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am traveling and cannot stick to the exact start and end dates of this group program?

NO WORRIES! I will add you into the group as soon as you register and your products will be shipped to you immediately and you will have full access to the directions needed so you can push the start day earlier or later depending on your schedule.  Although it is always more fun to do programs like this with others for accountability and inspiration, you can tweak the dates based on what works best for YOU! I will also be leaving the FaceBook group open for a few weeks past the end date so you will have full access to any materials, Lives, etc. 

Can I do this cleanse if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

It is not recommended to do anything that upregulates detoxification during pregnancy or breastfeeding as toxins that are released can be released into the placenta or breast milk 

Can I do this cleanse if I am on a prescription medication(s)?

Most likely yes but you will want to check with your prescribing doctor first.  You can also feel free to private message me what you are taking.

Do I continue to take all of my other supplements while on this cleanse?

Most of them you will be able to stop but I will encourage you to share with me prior to the start what you are taking and I can better advise on an individual basis.

“I love doing this cleanse and have done it a few times already!  It is intense but it is only for a short period of time and it gets results really quickly.  That makes it totally worth the effort!  After the 10 days I have more energy, my PMS is now non-existent and my skin glows.”  ~Rachel C.  


The investment for this group liver cleanse
including all supplements and shakes is $297. 

Upon registration you will be added to the Private Facebook group and your supplements will be shipped to you. 

NOTE: Registration ends 2/10/20 to enable delivery time for supplements

BONUS:  For every friend you invite to join you in this cleanse, you will receive a 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching session with me, valued at $130.   This is your opportunity to ask me anything you want about your health and wellness! Please email me names of referrals to so I can make a note and send you a link to schedule your call.