Invite Jennifer to Speak

Speaking topics Jennifer shares with her audience and collaborations with media & wellness interests:

• Autoimmune conditions
• Type 2 diabetes
• Gut and digestive imbalances
• Chronic inflammation
• Food allergies
• Optimizing detoxification

One of my greatest joys is being able to teach others about a variety of health related topics. Whether you are looking to customize a talk or workshop for a small group or a larger audience within a corporation I would love to explore working with you.


 Jennifer Ragazzo, CHC, AFMC is well known for her ability to take complicated subject matters and make them easily understood. As a wife, mother of three teenagers, a former school teacher, bible teacher and now a busy functional nutritionist and wellness coach, Jen is a passionate educator who brings 25 years of educational experience to her practice. Jen enthusiastically empowers clients who are committed to creating lasting change through sound mind, body and soul principles, targeted nutrition, lifestyle modifications, functional medicine principles and God’s Way in order to optimize health and create abundant living.

Jen’s in-depth knowledge in psychology, education and functional wellness sets the foundation for her understanding of the human mind and body allowing her to bring mindfulness and calm to chaos and complexity.

Jen does not diagnose or treat disease and instead educates her clients on functional health and interconnectedness in the body. She helps address root causes of imbalance while supporting the body’s individual biochemical and innate needs. She digs deep with her clients and utilizes functional lab testing while building upon the body’s innate needs.

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