Optimal health is not complicated. It requires maximizing what the body needs most, minimizing what is harmful to the body and prioritizing an environment for healing.

My approach

Everyone is a uniquely individual. What we each may need to maximize, minimize and prioritize may be different from the next. I help my clients dig deep and figure out what it is that their particular body needs to maximize, minimize and prioritize by digging deep and finding out what they may be lacking, getting too much of or what may be harming them. We often utilize lab work and functional medicine testing to uncover these things so that we get to the root of their DIS-ease.

I do not prescribe to one particular diet but rather emphasize a whole food lifestyle and help my clients to really figure out what whole foods will nourish their body the best. By stepping away from processed, sugar and chemically laden foods and consuming more nutrient dense, whole foods the body will begin to thrive.

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Jennifer Ragazzo is the founder of Keeping It Real, Holistic Health Coaching, LLC where she works educating clients on ways to optimize their health through looking at the interconnectedness of the body. Her training in applied Functional Medicine allows her to dig deep with her clients, looking for root causes of DIS-ease so that they can be addressed and true transformation in their wellbeing can occur.

Her combined 20 years of experience in the field of education along with health and wellness include not only a BA in Psychology, and Ed.M in Education but certifications through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Institute for Functional Health Coaching and the School of Applied Functional Medicine. Jennifer’s work with clients has allowed them to often come off medicines, reverse disease dynamics and regain their vitality all while optimizing their health. She works with clients all over the country both in-person and virtually specializing in in autoimmune conditions, Type 2 Diabetes, gut and digestive imbalances, chronic inflammation, food allergies and optimizing detoxification.

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