Radiant Health Sauna

The Radiant Health Sauna uses far infrared wavelengths.  Far infrared wavelengths directly penetrate your body and do not heat up the air to the same degree by convection as in a conventional sauna. The beneficial effects of a far infrared sauna are produced at a much lower temperature, usually in the range of 115-150 ºF (46-65ºC) while the temperature range in a conventional sauna is usually between 180-200 ºF.

The heaters and all the materials used inside these saunas have been independently tested showing they are completely non toxic. Radiant Health Sauna’s have been tested by a government certified lab in Canada and shown zero VOC’s. They have also exceeded Swedish Ratings for EMF’s and EF’s (Electrical Fields). Lastly, Wood harvesters who harvest wood for Radiant Health Saunas are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and follow environmentally sustainable harvest practices. 

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