Jennifer spends her days coaching clients to optimize their health with targeted nutrition, functional medicine tenets and God’s way so they can achieve an abundant life.

Are you next?

Approximately 3 years ago I found myself running on fumes, dealing with debilitating migraines, sleeplessness, crisis mode, and other minor health problems. I tried to accept it by assuming this is how most people lived, and I needed to find a way to deal with it. My body didn’t get on board with that. It started screaming louder with more symptoms of painful stomach, unable to eat, feeling of a rock in my chest, and exhaustion.

To treat my current symptoms my medical Doctor placed me on a round of medications that began to cause joint pain and fatigue. Also, I was placed on a medical leave from work and life for 2 weeks while I had some test run. I was instructed to rest but with no instructions on how I would do that. Deep discouragement engulfed me because I could not understand the why behind all this. Spiritually I was sinking. I knew I loved Jesus and tried so hard but still here I was not well.

As my discomfort was worsening, I knew I needed to take control of my own health and that is when I was introduced to Jen Ragazzo. The main reason I was drawn to her was her deep love for Jesus Christ and how the physical, mental, and spiritual all worked to gather toward good health. Finally, I felt like someone was going to really hear me and not put a band aid on the problem. She heard my concerns, my worries, and my thoughts. Together we made a plan to start looking closely at what I was eating, how I was resting, and we agreed on a supplement plan.

Jen suggested a few other tests that would help with us getting a better picture of where I was physically. I ended our call feeling as though I would be better and could get back to life. That would have been my perfect story, but it was not that way. Yes some of the symptoms subsided as I changed my eating habits by learning how the right foods help in healing my body and by supporting my deficiencies with supplements. Lingering were my anxiety and fatigue; they were stuck to me like a ball and chain. I began to express all this to Jen and about how tired I was of this cycle I was putting myself through. She ever so lovingly began to ask questions about the real me and to look inward. She challenged me to journal my answers. With her probing questions I would answer the way I thought was right and there were some questions I refused to ‘go there’ because it held too much emotion. I refused to dig deep within.

For months it was an up and down battle that I created. I would try and try but no change. As the nudging continued from Jenn to search inward, to be still before God with no distractions, and to just stop doing. Through our conversations, some being very tearful, she had me see how I was trying so hard to BE something for Christ when I already had it in me. She demonstrated a beautiful picture of how Jesus loved me by not giving up on me even when I fell silent and had no fight left.

Through this journey of re-discovery along with lifestyle changes I am finally seeing healing. I now take the time to just be still in nature, rest because it is OK, listen to what my body needed, and journaling my struggles and prayers. Most importantly never forgetting how much I am adored by my Heavenly Father. I had to take care of me moving forward and the process continues.

Today, I am moving forward with the ‘tools’ Jen has helped me to discover. We speak monthly to keep me on track. She makes herself available to discuss when things get a bit cloudy for me. Jenn truly has a gift of supporting others and nudging others toward a path of healing physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Thank you, Jen, for your desire to walk alongside me and be a constant even when I stumble.

Tonya T.

I worked with Jen for a year and a half to uncover some mysterious disease dynamics that my body was presenting with postpartum. Jen is a trusted colleague of mine and took on the task of supporting me with an objective outside view of my health picture. She handled my overwhelm with care and we worked to relieve my postpartum depression first with nutritional support, an H Pylori protocol and digestive healing. Jen walked me through step by step to organize my plan of action and take things one step at a time while teaching me to not get ahead of myself and do the work in the present to allow healing to take place. I was supported with healing exercises and deep dives into mindful habits and self care techniques. Jen offered testing that was very supportive and revealed a long list of overgrowths, estrogen dominance, flatlined cortisol, and a test that I never would have thought of… mold toxicity. I am forever grateful for her knowledge, expertise and mentorship.

Jessica V.

In spring of 2021 I was struggling with perimenopause and my physical and mental health. My chiropractor recommended I do a DUTCH test. After I completed the test, he referred me to Jen to interpret the results.

I had my initial consultation with her a little over a year ago and afterwards I was so excited to begin my journey with her immediately. She is extremely easy to talk to and from the very first consultation felt like family. There is never any judgment or condescending tones. There is always compassion and understanding and an extreme willingness to find answers to what ails you. She truly listens. She does a lot of useful testing which the medical field typically does not.

She suggests supplements to help that are custom to you and is always reviewing your supplement list to make sure if any changes are required as our needs change. She recommends other practitioners if needed to help support your health. She focuses on mind, body and spirit and has given me a much closer relationship with God than I ever had. She recommended affirmations which helped tremendously with my severe anxiety. She helped me tackle difficult family relationships and has given me hope for the future. She truly cares and wants everyone to live their best life as God intended.

She is always open to your opinions and feedback after a session, and ultimately leaves everything up to you. I have a ways to go but I am lightyears away from the person I was when I began my journey with her. I can’t imagine life without her, and I can’t wait to see the person I end up thanks to all her assistance. She is truly a blessing to all who have the pleasure of knowing her.

Julie G.

I started working with Jen 9 months ago when I had hit my all time low. Prior to that, I had been on an anti-inflammatory diet and was re-introducing foods and still not feeling well. I had a lot of bloat, intestinal issues and had gained 40 pounds with no explanation that made sense to me.

I was so fatigued, had trouble sleeping and after trying to rule out everything with my doctors, I was still a mess. On top of that, after having an ultrasound of my GI tract I discovered I needed my gallbladder out. It was removed just a month before I met Jen and that just added to the layers of me feeling unwell.

I started working with Jen in December 2021. After multiple functional tests and blood work I was shocked to find out just how far I had gone down in the previous six months. I never had issues with cholesterol, blood glucose or fatty liver but now I did. It was the worse blood screening I had ever had and it scared me but Jen calmed me and assured me that we could turn it around. We started me on a low histamine diet, which we learned was contributing to symptoms, slowly added in targeted supplementation, worked on sleep, mindset and more calm in my life. She even had me decrease my CrossFit classes and slow it down!

After only three months I saw drastic improvements. I was able to sleep, I had more energy, less anxiety and my digestion was starting to heal. I was in awe. In March 2022 I had bloodwork redone and the nurse practitioner said I was the poster child for perfect labs! I had also lost 26 pounds with what felt like little effort because we found what worked for my body. I am now feeling GREAT!

Jennifer is a true detective and was able to look at me as a whole, my history, my body, mind and spirit and come up with a plan that was customized for me and worked. I am totally indebted to her!

Suzanne E.

There is so much good to say about Jen, I don’t know where to start so I will start from the beginning.

I thought I was taking good care of myself by eating healthy and other things. I could still feel myself being drained and pulled down more and more. Like many of us, I did have a lot of stress in my life and then last December it was compounded by many things. I just kept pushing and pushing saying I can do it all and take care of everything and everyone. The end of December changed that thinking drastically. I ended up in the ER and passed out right in front of the doctors. They kept me overnight and said I was just worn out and all the blood work looked good. I knew at that moment I needed to make a change in my life and do something for myself because I could not keep going like this!!

I have been following Jen for a while and decided to get in touch with her. We had our consultation, and then our first session. I felt so much peace in my heart right away! She is so caring and the greatest listener I know. She looked at all my blood work and started telling me things about myself that made so much sense for how I had been feeling. We went to work right away and I felt a difference very quickly with her recommendations. As she says, it’s not easy work, and by all means it’s not, but it is worth every bit of the work you put inl!! I was only sleeping 2 hours a night for the last decade, which was not helping me. I had tried so many different products to help me sleep and nothing worked. I would take Ambien whenever I would go away.

I am so very happy to say today I am sleeping 5+ hours a night, which I couldn’t have done it without Jen in my life and all her help. I also went away twice in August and NO Ambien was needed (miracles do happen). The other thing that is so special about her is not only does she really dig deep into your physical self to find those root causes, but also your mind and soul. I never realized how they are all connected until she walked me through things in my past that I had to let go of. She is teaching me to live in the now with God! She is so caring and also very knowledgeable. We are managing blood sugar, thyroid issues, gut issues and more. I honestly don’t know how I would be today without her guiding my every step of the way.

If anyone is thinking about working with Jen, just do it! You are worth it, and it will be one of the best decisions you make! I am absolutely feeling better and gaining that energy back and know I can be present and help the family that I need to help! I am so grateful for her in my life. Jen is a true blessing to me!

Pam S.

I started my journey with Jen in March 2021. I had been suffering with stomach issues for 17+ years, diagnosed with IBS. All that meant to me at the time was eat more fiber but be careful with foods that give you gas. This became the story of my life. Three different GI doctors, colonoscopies, endoscopies, bloodwork, diagnosed with too low BMI that would not budge and IBS with no relief for answers.

For years I lived in either defeat or an attempt to “fix” with low FODMAP diet but nothing worked and I lived with unbearable gas and bloating. It was so bad that my stomach hurt every time I ate. I saw my mom struggling with health issues and did not want to face the same. My sister had been working with Jen for her own struggles with psoriasis and gut issues and had found tremendous relief and she suggested I talk with her. I decided it was time for something different.

On our first phone call I told Jen, “I am NOT doing what my sister does with her diet! I cannot do it. I am a picky eater and I won’t survive.” Jen said that I am not my sister and this is my own journey to go on and encouraged me to relax. I did and continued to share with her my health struggles both physically and emotionally. She assured me she could help and I decided to give it a go. I needed relief. She encouraged me to experiment with dietary changes customized to me and supported me along the way. It was not easy but I did it and it was one of the best things I have ever done! She also did a GI Map stool test with me that gave us so much detail as to what my body needed and it blew my mind. This was just the very start of answers and change.

I worked with my family doctor to get more labs done and Jen guided. Jen’s insight and knowledge and the testing we did opened a whole new world and a long road journeyed towards much needed relief. Throughout the past 18 months we worked on getting rid of the things that were harming my body and gut, supported digestion, and even more, worked on stress and anxiety. I have learned to be in process and present and that stress, for me, causes “flare ups” which I can shift with my newly learned tools. I have learned that there are no quick “fixes” and that healing is a process. A BIG gift for me has been being able to go out to eat without worrying about running to the bathroom!

Before Jen, date nights would end up in cramps, tears and a ruined night out and now I look forward to these nights. I also learned different ways to care for my body, mind and spirit because self care is so important to gut health and well being. I learned so many different ways to manage my stress and anxiety. She even helped me grow through a very big challenge in my life! I am so grateful I said yes to myself and stepped on this path.

Devon L.


I turned to Jen upon becoming frustrated with the surface level and tunnel vision approach of the conventional doctors I had seen, having been told lab work was “fine,” when I knew something was off.

Jen has been able to uncover imbalances in my body and the progress I have made with her has been multi-layered. She looks at not only the whole body, but the whole being. Her approach is gentle yet honest and she meets me exactly where I am.

A session with Jen is like a science lesson, therapy, and spirituality all in one.

Hadley S.

My 21 year old daughter introduced me to Jen on IG. I have been working with her for 9 months now. We began with hormone imbalances and uncovering reasons for some irregular blood work. She has been a tremendous help.

Jen uses a variety of in depth functional tests to gain knowledge about the body that traditional medicine does not typically look for. She has taught me so much about healing, slowing down, and taking time for myself.

The more I learn from her the more I realize how much traditional doctors aren’t aware of and that pharmaceutical drugs cannot treat or support. If you are looking for real, true, healthy healing or insight on how the body functions to prevent future health issues. I highly recommend you consult with her. Jen’s perspective and guidance are priceless. She is phenomenal!

Kris E.

“In the midst of darkness light persists” –Gandhi

2020 had caused a range of emotions not just for me but for the world around us. I had lost 25 pounds pre-covid and when the “world shut down” and my new found love of yoga had come crumbling around me when the studio was shut down. I was crushed and I felt like my joy & peace were ripped away from me.

Enter Instagram: I had followed Jen closely for over a year and finally that little tug on my heart said, “Let’s do it. This year will be my year of internal health and we will get back to the yoga eventually.”

The best decision of 2020 was to begin my coaching relationship with Jen. She is phenomenal. The effect she has had on me, my health, and my life over all is the most valuable experience I have had in my 31 years. I have dug deeper into my health, my spirit, and LISTENING to what this body I was given needs.

I am so grateful for the work we have done and will continue to do. I love to be educated, the resources I have been provided are incredible –everything explained in full detail and written out in a perfect little summary after each visit to refer back too.   Jen is LIGHT.   She provides the light, and makes you look for more light and dig to how you can be the light for others. I feel renewed. The fog has been lifted and my eyes are wide open.

Jen, the work you do changes lives. You encourage, you listen, and you serve the greater good with each and every client. I cannot wait to see what my health future brings with you by my side!

Christina C.

In the short few months I have been working with Jen, she has helped me work on a lot of deeper issues that I didn’t realize were keeping back from thriving in life.  Jen as helped me create a healthy lifestyle that goes so much farther than healthy eating.  She has helped me sort through a lot of underlying issues that I was ignoring to get to the real root of my problems. She guided me to set boundaries, focus on my emotional and mental well being just as much as my diet, and I have never felt better.  By prioritizing my needs, I have been able to be more productive at work, be a more attentive mother and a happier wife.  Although diet hasn’t been the primary focus of our coaching, I have lost twelve pounds without even focusing on weight loss!  I have worked with Personal Trainers, Dietitians and my primary doctor to address the things I am working on with Jen and for the first time I have found answers and been guided to truly make long term changes that were sustainable. 

Cortney T.

For years I have been interested in nutrition, exercise and healthy living. I heard Jen speak at our women’s retreat a few years ago. Everything she said resonated with me about how to make healthy choices in ALL things.

To achieve balance we need to be healthy in body, mind and spirit. I came to Jen a few months ago because I was lacking in balance. I needed someone to help me figure out the road back to living a full and healthy life. We did some testing and figured out what was happening in my gut. Jen’s knowledge and wisdom in healing the body is unsurpassed.

After a few weeks on the protocol she developed for me, I was feeling much better. But it didn’t stop there! As mentioned before, healing needs to take place in not only the body but the mind and spirit as well.

Jen’s kindness, openness and listening heart helped heal those areas too. She helped me get back on the path to finding joy in the everyday blessings that surround me. Jen is a light that can help you find your way back too!

Kay B.

I’m 28 years old and I was chronically constipated for over 20 years. After multiple visits to my doctor and gastroenterologist I was told that everything was “normal” and that I just needed to intake more fiber.

However, taking fiber supplements was just not cutting it. I could take all of the fiber in the world, eat clean, and organic and I would still not have a bowel movement.

What I did not know was that being healthy was so much more than what I ate.

It wasn’t until I started working with Jennifer that I was taught the power of healing the body, mind, and soul. She taught me how to calm my nervous system and just BE. She taught me how to be kind to myself and to lean in to listen to my body.

With self care and high quality supplements to support my body, I am happy to say that I am no longer chronically constipated!! She is doing God’s work in helping His people and I am forever grateful! <3

Maggie V.

About a year ago I was at my breaking point mentally and physically. I work a high stress job in sales for a large corporation. I was what you would consider “healthy”. I ate well, worked out 5 days a week, drank my water…. But that was not enough. I was exhausted, anxious, sleep deprived, stressed out, brain fog, you name it. I had to take a 6 week leave of absence from work and started my journey. Although I had a great doctor who got me “1/2 the way there”, I still was not feeling my best. I pushed through the exhaustion, the anxiety, the brain fog, but I knew that I could not continue down this path If I wanted to be fully present and 100% at work and in my personal life. My work was still suffering despite always being a star performer in my job. Thankfully I came across Jen and we started digging deeper into my health and wellness. We uncovered things that I would not have ever uncovered working with your conventional doctor. Within 60 days of putting new protocols into place, I have already seen DRASTIC changes in my day to day life. My stress levels have decreased, my anxiety has decreased, I have SO MUCH energy (with no coffee needed in my mornings), I am more present at home and at work, I am able to get through my work day without feeling overwhelmed, my brain fog is gone. If I had not found Jen, I am certain I would have had to take another leave of absence as it was directly affecting my ability to travel and do my job. There is more work to be done, but I wish I would have done this sooner.

Giselle R.

Where do I even begin in the ways working with Jen has helped me?! My journey with Jen started back in May 2018. I came to her with so many issues; auto immune, chronic fatigue, leaky gut and the list goes on and on. I say it’s a journey because its just not about taking the supplements recommended or how many you can take in my mind to get well QUICKLY! As Jen puts it, I needed to peel back the layers of the onion to start in my recovery. I have grown so much as a person as well as have gotten healthier each and every day. I have shared my story with people as far away as Idaho as this has truly been transformational. I can’t thank Jen enough for just being the sweetest, kindest most knowledgeable person I’ve met. I look forward to continuing my JOURNEY with her and all that life can offer as my health improves.

Lisa K.

I started working with Jen when I came to place in my own life and health where I was seeking nutrition-based solutions for several areas of health concern.  Jen supplied me with a tremendous amount of information and practical suggestions that I was able to apply.   As a result of the changes I implemented I have not only lost weight but in general feel much more energetic.  I would describe Jen as a caring, proactive and lifelong learner and recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their health.

Mike B.

I’ve always intuitively known that functional medicine is a game changer and the best path for navigating my several autoimmune diagnosis. Thing is, it’s complicated. My doctor is great, but I wasn’t making the progress I wanted and sensed there was more that could be done. I needed someone who’d hold my hand and go deep into what was going on in my body. Jennifer is amazing because she loves to dig deep and solve the puzzles that can present when working through to the path of health. She is extremely knowledgeable but also open to seek opinions from other experts when necessary. She is quick to respond to my many questions and genuinely cares about my wellness, doing everything she can to help. Within 3 months, my energy level was in a much better place and I was able to go back to work full time. Working with Jennifer was truly life changing and I am forever grateful.

Elvia R.

It is difficult to put into words exactly how I feel about my work with Jen as it has been so transformative and I would not be nearly as healthy as I am today without her. It has been such a blessing to have partnered with Jen on my health journey! For me, Jen has simplified the complex and overwhelming process of optimal health that I could not have imagined on my own. Together we uncovered thyroid disease, gut imbalances and a need to better manage my blood sugar, all of which we were able to balance out in our time together. Jen has the perfect balance of push and pull, instinctively knowing how to best guide me to core health! Together we worked on my mindset, my physical health and helped me discover more about myself and who God created me to be which has me today healthier in every way.

Cheryl D.

I came to Jen to get rid of the acne rosacea and blepharitus inflammation that I was suffering with as a result of my auto-immune disease. Jen has helped me to adjust the foods I eat and recommend the right supplements after seeing a few rounds of blood work and other test results. After working with Jen for a few months I feel healthier inside and out! I feel more alert and focused, less tired throughout the day and I know I am eating the right foods for my body to be healthier. Jen is caring, genuine, supportive and knowledgeable. I am grateful that I was able to also discover help for issues I did not initially have in mind when I sought Jen’s help. I would recommend Jen to anyone looking to improve their health in any way!

Adrienne F.

I started working with Jen to heal my gut, stop the daily diarrhea and to be healthier as I grow older since I have two auto-immune diseases.  Jen was able to help me get rid of the diarrhea and keep it in check very early on into our sessions.  I have lost 16 pounds so far which has helped me feel better, more flexible and mobile.  I also have so much less bloating from eliminating foods that bother me!  In just three months of working with Jen not only have I lost weight but my lab work has improved, I have normal stools and I feel healthier inside and out.  Jen is compassionate, knowledgable, kind, sweet, personable, attentive, professional, easy to talk with, concerned for others’ welfare, and thorough.  I would recommend Jen to anyone with auto-immune issues, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, weight issues, digestive issues, cancer prevention and those who have had cancer and those who have a need to restore their health!  Jennifer is an amazing person and health coach!  I highly recommend her.  My health has improved greatly in the few months I have been working with her and I am blessed to have connected with her!

Bonnie C.

When I turned 50 last October my family doctor said that it is too hard for women in their 50’s to lose weight and not to focus on it.  I got depressed and lacked energy and I weighed the most I ever weighed.  I saw a pic of myself and decided I needed to do something so I contacted Jen.  The knowledge and guidance Jen gave me really pushed me and motivated me to eat healthy and know what I am putting into my body.  She really knows her stuff!  With making healthier choices, changing up my workouts per Jen’s advice and taking supplements I lost 18 pounds, feel so much better and have energy again.  I am so thankful for Jen and would recommend her to anyone feeling defeated with losing weight.  Doesn’t matter your age, you can lose it!  Thanks So much Jen

Tina P.

I started working with Jen in order to control my rising blood sugars naturally and without medication.   My doctor wanted me to go on Metformin but I wanted to do it without medication.  Jen was able to teach me a healthier lifestyle and how to eat specific foods to control my blood sugar and after following a diabetes reversal protocol for four months I drastically reduced my insulin levels and triglycerides.  To date I have even lost 20 pounds and have been able to maintain that weight loss!   Jen is very easy to work with and knowledgable with regard to health issues and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their health naturally.  I have even recommended her to my family physician!

May D.

At the end of 2016, my body was sick with one virus after another, including a trip to ER on New Year’s Eve day.  Shortly after, I called Jen and asked if she would be my health coach.  She agreed. After meeting another time, I was back at my doctor with what seemed to bronchitis flaring and overall fatigue, not only physically but emotionally too.  I was tired.  He prescribed me another antibiotic and other meds to keep the stomach ingestion at bay.  I went to the car, called Jen with such confusion and cried.   I was needing a miracle. 

I did not fill that script that day, but instead trusted her (and God leading me to her), and did exactly what she asked of me.   Life began to shift, and I began to recover from the bronchitis, the stomach issues and overall general fatigue and a bonus, lost some weight as well.   With further investigation, we under covered food intolerances as other results that offered insight to my body begging me to change what I was doing.  I needed to incorporate a more healthy lifestyle and making healthy choices about my environment and what I eat.  I began a lifetime commitment in taking care of myself!  And I sense energy and empowerment to do just that with the wonderful coaching from Jen!

Jen’s deep compassion to help others and her desire to share the wealth of information she has with others is immeasurable.  She genuinely listens to what you share-body, mind and soul.  She addresses all aspects with a God honoring way that I cherish each session I have with her.   I look forward continuing our work together for a long standing sleep disorder, finding rest, and ultimately optimal health. I’m committed and cannot wait to update again.  Choosing to take care of the body God has entrusted us is for our entire lives.  With each breath I take I’m grateful to God for my body, and I know I can count on Jen to encourage me along the way coaching, teaching and encouraging.  FOREVER GRATEFUL to God, my body, mind, and soul, and my wonderful health coach, Jen!  

Bobbi E.

My top goal with working with Jen was to help my newly diagnosed Hashimoto’s. I was feeling depressed, tired, run down, when I first came to see Jen. I was also feeling very frustrated with the medical world and their way of leaving me feel so run and telling me I was fine, and prescribing more medications. No one took the time to listen or even learn my name, that’s when Jen came to the rescue!  Jen gave me so many tools to help change my life and ways of thinking. I was able to understand what a healthy diet is like and what foods I should be eating with an autoimmune disorder. She also helped me peel back more issues such as leaky guy, food sensitivities, and hormonal imbalance. Jen also became a therapist and friend to me listening to so many of my deepest stories that were causing me so much depression and anxiety. She made me feel so comfortable and had the best recommendations on doctors and therapies that were more suited towards my needs.  I have changed so much in the 6 months I worked with Jen. Not only did I lose 15 pounds (not the goal but definitely a plus) I feel better than I ever have in my life! My thyroid levels are the best they have been in my entire life, and I feeling the positive effects! My blood pressure improved, I no longer get headaches or body aches, this is the first spring in 5+ years I have not got a sinus infection. The list goes on!  The most significant overall change I have noticed is feeling more self worth. Jen had me focus on myself and with doing so I feel better than ever. With her help my anxiety and depression decreased, which was not the ultimate goal when starting, I just wanted my thyroid fixed! I now have a great lifestyle which I am proud of, and I can thank Jen for that.  Jen is passionate about her work, caring, personable and relatable, easy to talk to, and overall just a great person.  I would recommend Jen to anyone who is frustrated with their health status and the medical field today and wanting to take a more natural and holistic approach to their healing.  With Jen’s guidance and suggestions and expertise I would not be where I am today. Before Jen I was feeling run down, tired, self conscious, and depressed. Just with some simple life changes I can now say that I am no longer that person and focus on my own health and my overall well being.

Meghan W.

I worked with Jenn for 6 months. I went to see her back in Feb 2018 as I was unhappy with how I was feeling. I was 230 pounds, tired all time, I had back problems, I was not sleeping well. My blood work was a mess, high cholesterol, triglycerides were out of whack among other things. I was on the highest dose of both Crestor and Tricor. I would be at work and want to take a nap 2-3pm every day. I had no energy..

My first meeting with Jenn was awesome. She reviewed all my blood work ahead of time and was prepared with a plan to discuss. She made me feel at ease right from the start. I remember one of the first things she said was she was not going to “stress me out” or “watch the scale”. She said that as long as I followed the plan we agreed on, the weight would come off and everything would take care of itself.

She put me on the whole30 diet. No carbs, no dairy, no sugar, no caffeine (I must confess I did and still do drink coffee, black, but still have at least a cup a day). Also, drinking a ton of water a day, about 110-120 ounces. She also put me on a bunch of supplements/vitamins.

I write this today, 6 months from my first meeting and I am a different person. I weigh 189 pounds (41 pounds down!), I sleep better, my back feels better, I am running about 4-5 miles every 2-3 days, my energy level is through the roof. My cholesterol, sugars, and the rest of my blood work is beyond great. I am now off all my meds as I have been able to manage everything through diet and exercise. I have made a lifestyle change and it is awesome. It was hard but honestly I feel so much better that I do not want to do anything different.

I highly recommend working with Jenn as she will tailor everything to what you need and what you are comfortable with. She will ensure that you are not alone in your journey and have consistent touch points to ensure you stay on track. You will not be disappointed! If I could give more than 5 stars I would have!

Michael V.

I have known Jen personally for over 10 years, and professionally for the past 3 years. Holistic health coaching is such a perfect field for Jen because it combines her excellent listening skills, discernment of how symptoms relate to diet and lifestyle, creativity in finding solutions for her clients, and her enthusiasm that motivates others to better health. She has a real passion for health and wellness, and it is apparent to both myself and her clients that she goes “all out” in helping them. Jen is constantly researching for the latest knowledge in the fields of nutrition and wellness to stay up to date. Even better, she actually lives the healthy lifestyle that she is promoting to others!

Dr. Robert Smith

Chiropractic Whole Health

I came to Jen initially to achieve better health and learn how to take better care of my body so I could be in the best shape to care for my family. Jen was able to help me “peel away the layers of the onion” as she likes to say that were preventing me from achieving optimal health. I am now feeling the best I have felt in many years! The dietary changes she encouraged me to make step by step have been so positive. I cannot imagine eating the way I did previously because I feel so good now! The most significant change that I have noticed has been my cravings. I do not crave the foods that I used to that were dragging down my metabolism and overall well-being. I lost weight, but that is not my only focus. Being healthy is! Jen is an incredible support to my journey to health and wellness. I would not be where I am today without her. She would motivate me to press on and forward. She listens extremely well and always brought me great insights I could apply to my health. I would highly recommend Jen to anyone who wants to get to get at the heart of what is making them not feel their best and wants to make the changes she recommends to get healthy. Jen, I cannot thank you enough! I am so grateful because I would not be where I am without you!

Stacy G.

As a mom of two kids under 5, I am usually the last one who gets MY full attention. Last Winter, after dealing with lingering postpartum issues (including horrible hair loss) I decided to get #healthmatched. As women, we usually never think twice about spending money on my make-up or clothes, so why not on our HEALTH? Working with Jen was a turning point in a long process of stoping to learn what my body was dealing with and how to invest in myself so that I could be fully present (mentally and physically) for my family. Jen thoroughly went through my blood work, explaining all the details in a way that I would fully understand. With encouragement and support, she provided her recommendations of tangible steps that I could take to start the journey of moving forward. Seven months prior, our family had made a HUGE change from living an active duty Army life in Louisiana to uprooting, and moving back to my husband’s home state of Ohio to start our “civilian” life. The stressors I was dealing with (many ignoring), were beginning to reek havoc on my body. I am grateful for Jen’s compassion and encouragement; helping me discover that I was, and continue to be worth the investment for my health.

Katie H.

I came to see Jen when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and high cholesterol. I did not want to go on medications and I knew there had to be a better way. In working with Jen I made changes in the foods I was eating as well as took targeted supplements and within a few short months my HbA1C went from 12 to 6. My triglycerides were originally at 1183 and I begged my doctor to give me a bit of time to work on it naturally without going on a statin and they soon were down to 150 by implementing the changes Jen guided me to make. My original fasting glucose when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes was 309 and now it is averaging in the 90’s. Best of all I am medication free after only 3 months of working with Jen and feel better than I have in years! I am so grateful to Jen for her guidance and education. Without her I would not be where I am today!

Tim O.

I first came to value Jen’s knowledge and passion for functional medicine through her social media platforms. With each post, I learned more valuable advice that I could use to optimize my health, particularly brain health as my mom died of Alzheimer’s disease at age 70. I began making incremental changes to my diet and looked to Jen for advice on quality supplements, nutrition, environmental toxins, and general wellness. For the first time in my life, I lost 20 pounds without feeling deprived and felt a dramatic change in my overall health. Since that time, Jen has counseled my husband and teenage daughter, as well as my sister, looking to find the root causes behind their health concerns rather than provide a band-aid approach. I considered our family fairly health-conscious before meeting Jen, but the information and resources shared by her have fundamentally changed our understanding of the best ways to support our health. Jen has an authentic desire to improve the lives of her clients through data-driven analysis, the latest science/research and her supportive coaching spirit. God has truly started a great work in her, born out of her own personal health challenges. Her warmth, compassion, cutting-edge knowledge and practical advice are a valued resource to my family.

Erica B.

I came to Jen because I was having significant difficulties with heartburn and not feeling the best. I was unable to loose weight and digesting food, especially at night, was challenging. Jen has been terrific in giving me suggestions on how to change my diet and specific supplements that would be good for me to take to help support my gut health, digestion and get rid of my H. Pylori that was causing the GERD. She has also helped me support my hormones in menopause and loose 17 pounds so far! Jen is very personable and made me feel comfortable in discussing myself with her from the get go. I would recommend Jen to those who are interested in learning how to change their lifestyle in order to be healthy as our health is 100% worth the investment. I cannot believe how much better I feel after only 5 months of working with Jen!

Susan P.

When I first went to see Jennifer I was pretty much without hope. After two years of leaky gut, IBS, and auto-immunine issues all of which had depleted by body of essential nutrients and weakened my system. I was a mess and the only thing the doctors had done for me is give me some pain medication. After taking a thorough health history and in depth consultation where she actually LISTENED to what I was going through, Jennifer actually instilled hope in me. That is the one thing that I remember the most during the time we continued to meet. She was so positive, explained everything thoroughly so that I could understand what was going on, and gave me hope that things could get better. Jennifer is very knowledgeable in her field and is always positive. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with health issues especially those that traditional medicine doesn’t seem able to address. She is thorough, explains everything, and is always available by phone or email. I enjoyed our sessions immensely as her positive attitude, smile, and guidance always left me feeling better. Now several months later I am so much better. I still have some issues, but Jen has given me the tools I need to manage these. My gut is healing, I no longer have the IBS, my body is responding to the nutrients & healthy diet and I am getting stronger. Which is a lot to say for someone who is 70 years old! I am so thankful for Jennifer and all she has done to help me along the path of good health. God bless you Jennifer!

Gayle S.

I originally came to Jen after my Celiac diagnosis. Jen helped me learn how to widen my food pallet, take better care of my mental health, as well as gain back the weight I lost pre-celiac. My palette was so limited when we started and Jen helped me learn how to expand my palette with healthy foods that supported my body and gut. Jen is simply AMAZING! She is so positive and cheerful and she is a great listener! I would recommend her to anyone seeking to better their overall physical and mental health should contact Jen. She is well worth the investment!

Brooke H.

I originally came to Jen for help with my chronic gut issues. Since working with her I have experienced better digestion, mental clarity, less inflammation, more knowledge on my over all health! Jen is very efficient & timely, very knowledgeable and listens to your individual needs. I would recommend Jen to anyone, especially those who have searched and searched for answers but haven’t got to their root cause. I perform so much better now in my every day life and have learned that stress causes a lot! Managing symptoms doesn’t have to be scary… and our health is a lifelong journey! I am so grateful to Jen for all I have learned and how she has helped me improve my own health.

Kaitlyn N.

I have to say I listened, I learned and I took my life back.  Taking Jen’s advice and getting rid of inflammatory, processed foods and cooking with whole foods and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables I was able to get off of a ton of medications and lose 50 lbs.  I am on a tight budget and am currently undergoing a series of surgeries that have me not able to move as much as I used to but I did all I could on a daily basis using Jen’s advice and inspiration and moved in ways that I could and have been eating as healthy as I can and my body is transforming as a result.  I have never felt better!

Devon C

I had always thought I led a healthy life—daily exercise, wonderful job, vegan diet, loving family and friends. But even healthy lives can have a monkey wrench thrown into the works when inflammation flares, as it did for me with my diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. That’s when I made an appointment to meet with Jen. A holistic super sleuth, Jen is in her element when analyzing lab reports. And she had plenty to say about mine! Filled with knowledge, empathy, humor, and professionalism, Jen quietly and confidently stated her case without ever criticizing conventional medical practices. She allowed me to determine my level of investment—completely holistic or in conjunction with mainstream medicine, jumping in with both feet or toe-testing the water. Regardless of my commitment, I was convinced that Jen viewed my journey independent from others, and that her recommendations addressed my specific needs. After all, there may be 100 or more types of autoimmune diseases! Realizing that autoimmunity does not develop overnight, I never expected it to magically disappear. But through Jen’s scientifically and medically proven advice, that monkey wrench is back in the toolbox where it belongs, and she is helping me build a pain-free, inflammation-fighting path to good health.

Dena T.

I have dealt with infertility for over 6 years and felt like I tried everything possible; from acupuncture, eating healthy, exercising enough, not exercising too much, meditation, massages, chiropractic, and more things I could go on forever. It wasnt until we had reached our last IVF cycle that I decided enough is enough I need HELP! I knew Jennifer had experience in my situation so I surrendered myself to her direction and was willing to do ANYTHING to help make our miracle baby come true. I thought I as doing things right with my eating habits and we adjusted that and took Gluten and Dairy out of my daily eating. I also thought I was taking the correct kind of supplements and Jennifer also helped direct in my the right direction and we adjusted and added to my supplement intake. We made these adjustments in October of 2018 and with Jennifer’s recommendations and direction along with some added mental healing, our last IVF cycle worked!! We have been blessed with the most beautiful baby boy in September of 2018. I am so grateful for Jen’s compassion for helping me, education in all areas of health, and for never giving up on me!

Lissa L.

The first time I called Jen I wasn’t sure there was anything she could do to help me. She was my last hope. I had been diagnosed with multiple medical issues over the years with kidney disease being the last. I was seeing multiple specialist and none of them where communicating. Each doctor wrote prescriptions that would help their specialty while causing side effects that could worsen my other issues. It was a vicious cycle of treating the symptom instead of the cause. I had gotten to my breaking point and felt like I hit rock bottom. During my first visit we went over everything. She wanted to learn and understand my history and all I had gone through to this point. As I poured my heart out, she wrote everything down and asked me to elaborate where needed. She found relationships to many of my symptoms that others never picked up on. We started by making small changes to my lifestyle which in turn is leading to big results with my blood work showing marked important. This is only the beginning, as we haven’t even begun to touch some of my major issues. Jen is teaching me to learn and understand what my body wants/needs by what its telling me. She has given me faith that I can live the life I always wanted to. I will never be able to thank her enough.

Amanda Z.

I originally reached out to Jen because I couldn’t poop. It’s been one month since I’ve been on following her gut healing recommendations and this week has been the first week since I was 18 where I have gone to the restroom every day and have had a great poops and I am 27 now. I want to thank Jen for helping me and giving me real answers to why I couldn’t use the restroom.
Thank you SO MUCH!!

Maggie V.

Whatever you think of when you hear the term ‘functional wellness coach’ is not enough to encompass what Jen Ragazzo is. She is in fact a wellness coach and educator; however, it just is not enough to leave it there. Jen has taken a deep dive with me to see what is at the core of both my physical dis-eases, but also what is in my head and heart that needs attention. I know that Jen is my biggest cheerleader when it comes to my health. She will never prescribe a one-for-all solution. She takes the time to make my treatment plan personal and she is patient to see what will work for me and my own health journey. Every time we connect it is a reset – a time to see what is working, what needs work, and to learn from mistakes so we can keep moving forward. Jen has been faithful to work with me to change my unhealthy habits and thought processes to be full of kindness and love towards myself. She is constantly urging me to look up and move forward. She encourages me to use my sands of time in a way that honors the Lord and is true to myself and the greater good. Truely, Jen is a treasure and so much more than a coach – she is a mentor and a friend.

Audra L.

Ultimately I knew what my body needed to be able to heal, and it wasn’t the multitude of supplements that I was already taking to address the imbalances. What I needed was exactly what Jen gave me, permission to rest so that my body can heal! In her own quiet and compassionate, yet convincing tone, Jen helped me to realize that my drive to “work and do” was preventing my body from truly healing. Even though I knew this, I was having a hard time allowing myself permission to slow down and I needed a coach to guide me. I am grateful that Jen was willing and experienced in going deeper, beyond symptoms, to address the fatigue and brain fog. The healing continues to take place, long after our sessions have been completed!

Juanita K.