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Are you struggling with your health and wellness and not feeling your very best? I will help you address root causes of DIS-ease in your body and rock the journey!


Instead, I use targeted testing, transformative protocols, coaching and accountability to help you reclaim your vitality. If you are serious about doing the work, are ready to make some massive shifts and implement changes, then I would love to do my very best to help you along your journey.

1:1 Individualized Coaching

Get the individualized attention that YOU need, and commit to becoming your happiest, healthiest version of yourself.

Food and lifestyle Review

Are you wondering if the foods you are eating are serving your body well?

functional lab analysis

There is a wealth of information to be had in lab work that your conventional doctor may not notice nor discuss with you. 

If you are ready to start rocking your journey today, reach out and let’s get started! Apply to work with me or let’s dive right in and get started with your Comprehensive Health History Assessment.

Jennifer Ragazzo is the founder of Keeping It Real, Holistic Health Coaching, LLC where she works educating clients on ways to optimize their health through looking at the interconnectedness of the body. Her training in applied Functional Medicine allows her to dig deep with her clients, looking for root causes of DIS-ease so that they can be addressed and true transformation in their wellbeing can occur.

Her combined 20 years of experience in the field of education along with health and wellness include not only a BA in Psychology, and Ed.M in Education but certifications through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Institute for Functional Health Coaching and the School of Applied Functional Medicine. Jennifer’s work with clients has allowed them to often come off medicines, reverse disease dynamics and regain their vitality all while optimizing their health. She works with clients all over the country both in-person and virtually specializing in in autoimmune conditions, Type 2 Diabetes, gut and digestive imbalances, chronic inflammation, food allergies and optimizing detoxification.

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