health history assessment


When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and received the time and personal attention you deserve?  What would it feel like to be able to spend time sharing your health history from birth through today, dumping out all the puzzle pieces so to speak and have someone who can listen and help you put pieces together?

You will this is an opportunity to discuss your unique situation in depth and determine how health conseling can help you to reach your personal goals

Initial consultations include a review of your health history, detailed symptoms, dietary history, specific goals and an analysis of any recent lab work. There is no preset agenda.  This time is devoted to
your unique needs with ample time for you to share your story and ask questions. I will discuss with you the interconnectedness of your symptoms and challenges.  I will summarize the strategies that will help you to reach your goals and send you a follow-up summary of your Initial Consultation, along with specific next steps to get your program started.  

My fee for the initial Health History Consultation is $425 and can be booked HERE.

Could one conversation change your life?  Let me bring powerful counseling support and functional medicine expertise to your wellness journey.   If you would like to have a brief conversation prior to making any bookings with me to see if my services are right for you please complete the information below and I will be in contact with you to set up a 15 minute phone call.

The initial Health History Consultation will be completed either over the phone, video conferencing or in person in my home office (day time hours only for in-person).  You can book this initial session HERE.  NOTE:  Payment is required upon booking.  Once the appointment is booked I will emaild you your Health History forms to complete.  You will need to return them to me 48 hours prior to our session in order to provide me with adequate time to review and assess.  All lab work can be emailed to me as well

Jennifer Ragazzo is the founder of Keeping It Real, Holistic Health Coaching, LLC where she works educating clients on ways to optimize their health through looking at the interconnectedness of the body. Her training in applied Functional Medicine allows her to dig deep with her clients, looking for root causes of DIS-ease so that they can be addressed and true transformation in their wellbeing can occur.

Her combined 20 years of experience in the field of education along with health and wellness include not only a BA in Psychology, and Ed.M in Education but certifications through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Institute for Functional Health Coaching and the School of Applied Functional Medicine. Jennifer’s work with clients has allowed them to often come off medicines, reverse disease dynamics and regain their vitality all while optimizing their health. She works with clients all over the country both in-person and virtually specializing in in autoimmune conditions, Type 2 Diabetes, gut and digestive imbalances, chronic inflammation, food allergies and optimizing detoxification.

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