Are you ready to finally step off the wellness
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4 Effective Ways to Master a Vibrant Life

Thursday, May 25, 2023
7:30pm EST

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Hosted by jennifer ragazzo, CHC, AFMC

Are you sick and tired of FEELING
Do you know there is more available for you
IN THIS LIFE, BUT just not sure what or how to get it?
Ready to stop spinning your wheels
searching for answers AND QUick Fixes?

Then this exclusive, FREE VIP 4 Effective Ways to Master a Vibrant Life Workshop is for YOU! Come and join us and learn how to take actionable steps in a live, interactive, and fun workshop that will help you to move your life forward.

My professional experience as a Functional Wellness Coach helping hundreds of clients over almost a decade has led me to create an teach solid steps and tools for life that I want to share with you. My prayer for you is that you recognize that you deserve to experience the robust and vibrant life that God intends for you! In this upcoming workshop, we will be diving deep into 4 areas of health and well-being and sharing tangible tools that you can begin to apply immediately and
activate your own transformation.

Physical and Stress Optimization

When we acknowledge our physical body is a gift from God, and treat it kindly with proper nourishment, daily movement, and sleep, these choices become acts of holiness that honor God who resides in us and enables us to feel and function at our best. We will dive deeper into the most important areas of physical foundation to solidify to live vibrantly.

Emotional Optimization
Stress Imbalance is a known Root Cause of Physical Dysfunction, Emotional Drama & Loss of Spiritual Connection. Not being in touch with emotions or numbing emotions out creates a disconnect between the body and the mind and the physical body prioritizes surviving over thriving. Together we will identify common triggers and create tools for supporting positive shifts to help with stress management and emotional awareness.
Spiritual Optimization
God is Love. When we understand who He is, what Love really is, and learn to receive that abundant Love, everything changes. We begin to desire to live a life that honors Him and in turn, shows love to His people. Love is the number one thing we each desire. All else flows through love. We will explore ways you can expand your awareness of God’s Love and grow in Peace, calm, and joy.

Hosted by jennifer ragazzo, CHC, AFMC

Please Come Join Us virtually for this exclusive,
No-Cost VIP event!

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