I will often having new clients come to me with a laundry list of symptoms saying, “I do not even know where to start I am such a hot mess!”

First off, symptoms are simply the body’s way of communicating to us; inviting us to take pause, lean in and listen to what it is asking from us.  I like to call them love notes from the body.  They may be asking us for more of something (more sunlight, hydration, sleep, targeted nutrients, joy, etc), less of something (toxins, stress, allergens, intense exercise, etc.) and a specific healing environment needed to allow the healing to occur.  More symptoms does not necessarily mean the healing process is more complex.

The human body is so interconnected in a variety of ways.  Our thoughts affect our physical function, stress affects digestion, digestion affects nutrient absorption which effects physical function throughout the entire body.  So one may have chronic headaches, constipation, gas and bloating, inability to lose weight and anxiety and all of their symptoms may be rooted in some very similar root causes.  When we begin asking “WHY?” and looking for the points of interconnectedness in the body and look for root cause(s) of the DIS-ease and addressing them all of a sudden we have this beautiful domino affect.    I see all the time in my practice clients with whom we reduce stress, improve digestion, replete nutrients and their pain subsides, moods improve, hormones balance out and energy increases.  We do not take a “pill for an ill” approach but rather we dig deep and look for those root causes and with consistent action, intention and patience allow the body to do what it knows how to do.

What “love notes” is your body asking you to pay attention to right now?  When you lean in and listen it often can be an invitation to return to foundations.  We can always choose to make changes or hit the reset button on our health; it is never too late and your health is never too complex to be shifted.